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Tampere Conservatoire

Music Institute - Music and Dance Playschools

The aim of early music and dance education is to evoke a positive attitude toward music and dance. Children will get a sense of accomplishment and a solid base for a possible future hobby. They are also encouraged to express themselves through music and dance. Various groups cover 2- to 9-year-olds.

The application period to music and dance playschools is in May and August. Groups are filled in sign-up order.
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Music Institute - Basic Education

Tampere Conservatoire offers a wide range of quality music and dance education, offering a solid base for a hobby or professional studies.

Basic music education teaches students the basics of their instrument, giving them the skills for both solo and group performance. Making music in ensembles is a part of the education from the beginning - in choirs, orchestras or chamber ensembles.

Basic dance education gives students a wide range of experiences of dance as a dancer, creator and viewer. Students familiarise themselves with various genres, such as ballet, jazz/pop dance and contemporary dance.

The application period to basic music is in February/March. The entrance tests take place in April.
The application period to basic dance education is in May and August.

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Upper Secondary Level Vocational Studies

Tampere Conservatoire offers full time vocational education in music and dance. The full-time study programs require independence and genuine motivation. The Conservatoire offers students high quality teaching in a vibrant environment.

A secondary level education in classical music offers the basic skills required to work as a professional musician. The dance program offers the basic skills to work as a professional dancer. The length of the programs is 3 years (180 ECTS credits). Both programs make students eligible for further academic level studies.

The application period to upper secondary level vocational studies is in late February - early March. The entrance exams are held in May.
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